Concrete Cowboys was founded in August of 2003 by Mac McCrory, a local guy who grew up in Pace. In prodigal son style Mac moved away to Orlando when he was young but even after moving away his love for the emerald coast never faded. While in Orlando Mac began crafting his entrepreneurial skill set. He opened and ran a successful screen enclosure repair business and built a lot of great relationships with contractors across many trades. While assisting another contractor friend on a jobsite Mac was first introduced to decorative concrete. Intrigued by the process Mac began to exhaustively research, attend classes & seminars as well as meet and chat with other contractors in the industry. He even located an old roommate who had a background in concrete construction and brought him on board as part of the new venture. With all the other pieces in place he only needed to find the right location. And so the prodigal son returned. With a new business plan in hand (not to mention the extremely supportive wife he'd met in Orlando and their young daughter) Mac headed back home to start his new adventure. Fast forward to right now. The Concrete Cowboys have been in Pensacola for 16 years now, and despite tough times, hurricanes, oil spills and recessions they continue to press on. Believing that if you have faith , work hard and build a fantastic client base on a foundation of honesty you can't help but succeed. Mac still lives, works and worships just miles down the road from the house he grew up in, where his parents live to this day. He daughter attends high school locally and his wife owns another local business.

Why is this history lesson important to us? Why does it matter to our clients? We aren’t any different than the people we serve. We’re just hardworking guys who know that their customers work just as hard for their money as we do. We know that sticking to a schedule, showing up on time, and staying on budget are a big deal. We pride ourselves on building relationships and maintaining communication with everyone we do business with.  In a town like ours companies reputations are built on word of mouth, so we strive to ensure that every client regardless of project size gets the very best products and services we can provide and the job isn’t finished until we have surpassed your expectations. So check out the site, get to know us, then give us a call. Meet Mac face to face, and see if we are a good fit for your project, you won’t be disappointed.