Stamped Concrete -Is a place and finish technique for fresh concrete in which we use textured rubber mats to create incredible hardscapes in a variety of patterns and colors. Stamped Concrete is a great option for clients wanting new concrete or having to replace old, damaged or ugly concrete surfaces. It is the ultimate in exterior concrete beauty and performance. Stamped concrete is patterned and/or textured to resemble brick, slate, stone, wood, and various other patterns and textures. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, and pools decks.

Stained Concrete  - Traditional acid stains involve applying hydrochloric acid to a concrete surface causing a chemical reaction, resulting in a one of a kind marble-like finish. Not all projects are good candidates for traditional acid stain techniques. Older floors or those that have previously had carpet or linoleum glued down don’t always respond well to a true acid stain. In those cases we use a color layering technique utilizing water base concrete dyes to achieve an effect nearly identical to the traditional method. Browse our photo gallery to see examples of this low maintenance, high performance, and affordably priced flooring solution.

Concrete Countertop - Counter that are made of concrete in lieu of marble or granite materials.Concrete Countertops are one of the hottest design options on the market today. Available in a nearly endless array of colors, shapes and configurations it’s more like a work of art than a utilitarian work space. Competitively priced and custom built on site, concrete countertops are tough, long lasting, low maintenance additions to your kitchen, bath, bar area, fireplace or just about anywhere.

Spray Texture - Is a thin concrete overly mix product that can be used to create different designs and textures on top of a concrete surface. High quality, budget friendly resurfacing materials to freshen up any existing concrete outdoor space. Available in a variety of colors, this non skid application has made spray texture our best selling pool deck solution for over 15 years!

Flat Work - Patios, sideways, foundations, driveways, shed, pole barns, and extensions, repairs, you name it. We cover almost every aspect of concrete construction.


Industrial sealer- Affordable, easy to clean, high strength solid color concrete sealers are simple way too protective and improve the appearance of any work space. We have installed these sealers in garages, warehouses, boarding kennels, food banks and even an exotic bird breeding facility. They are perfect for anywhere that no nonsense, highly functional flooring is needed.

Polished Concrete - Using highly specialized equipment including planetary grinders and high strength diamond blades we can create a clean looking, highly functional floor similar to those seen in large home improvement stores. Our grinding and polishing services are also great for floor prep for do it yourselfers or other tradesmen who just need a better flooring profile or mastic removal.

Artistic Design- Want to add a graphic of your favorite team or include your company name and logo in your project? We can provide custom stenciling, etching and graphics limited only by your imagination.

What else?

We have the equipment and experience to help our clients in many ways not directly related to our usual concrete work. Including demolition of existing concrete, removal of wooden decks, fences and related debris hauling and disposal, dirt delivery, bobcat and tractor work.

Not sure if we do it? Asking is always free. Do it yourselfer with questions? We are happy to give you our advice and opinions, again at no cost. Just curious about what your options are or how pricing works? Speak to one of our owners directly and get the answers you need.

Great products, great value and great relationships, all services provided by Concrete Cowboys Inc.